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Request To Defer Study

To make a request to defer your studies please complete this form in full and read the terms and conditions.

To apply to defer from the NZIHF programme that you are currently enrolled and confirmed on, please complete this form in full.  If you do not wish to defer your studies you can instead apply to exit your programme entirely, but no fee refunds will be given by NZIHF.

YOU MUST COMMIT TO A FUTURE COURSE DATE IN ORDER TO DEFER YOUR STUDIES.  Contact your Tutors and find out the next course you could apply to defer to.


  1. Deferral applications received will be approved or declined at NZIHF's sole and absolute discretion. 
  2. Where a deferral is approved or declined the student remains liable for all course fees and related costs based on the original enrolment agreement and the terms and conditions therein.
  3. Deferrals are not approved if the course you want to attend is more than 26 weeks from receipt of this form unless NZIHF offers that course to you.
  4. You can only apply to defer once during your studies at NZIHF.
  5. If approved, a deferral is conditional on space being available on the course selected at the time the course is starting.  If you are approved on to that course and it becomes full NZIHF may defer you on to another course at NZIHF's sole discretion.
  6. At NZIHF's discretion we may approve your deferral with any of the following additional conditions:
  • You begin your studies again from the start as often what you learn is forgotten or needs refreshing
  • You pay any difference in fees between your current course and any new course when it starts
  • You attend a different campus location
  • You wait longer than 26 weeks for a course due to availability


Please complete each field to ensure your deferral application is valid.  You will usually receive a reply that 'approves' or 'declines' your application to defer within 5 business days.

Current Course Start Date   Enter the date you were supposed to start your Tutorials
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Intended Course Start Date  
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