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Flexible Learning Program - Online Enrolment

Congratulations, you are moments away from starting your Personal Training Course

There are three simple steps to enrolling;

  1. Complete the enrolment form
  2. Choose your payment option
  3. Login to start your studies


Step One:

Complete the form below and agree to the terms and conditions in the enrolment agreement by clicking the 'Enrol now' button.  Take time to read the enrolment agreement so you understand the terms.  There are also course entry requirements listed in the enrolment agreement that you should check that you can meet before you enrol.

The enrolment agreement is provided in a pdf format so you can save or print a copy for your files.  Remember, you can enrol now, start the course, see what you think, and you have 8 days from the time you enrol to withdraw and receive a full refund of any fees paid.


Step Two:

After you click 'Enrol now' you'll be directed to the payment options.  Select your favourite and enter your details.

Here's a breakdown of your options for each course.  Note, you can only enrol in one course at a time.  This means when you succeed at the first course (Exercise Consultant), you can then enrol you in the next course (Personal Trainer). 

Course Tuition Fees Payment Option Payment Details*
Exercise Consultant $3100 Ezy Pay 65 weekly payments of $49.90
Smart Pay 37 weekly payments of $87.80
Pay in Full Bank DD 1 x $3100
Personal Trainer $2435 Ezy Pay +51 weekly payments of $49.90
Smart Pay +29 weekly payments of $87.80
Pay in Full Bank DD 1 x $2435
*all weekly figure includes 4.6% Debit Success processing fee and there is a one-off $10 set up fee.


Note that the weekly payment always stays the same so if you add on the Personal Trainer Course the additional payment weeks are simply added on, rather than the weekly fee doubling. There's no surprises, we like to keep things simple.


Step Three:

After you submit your payment choice you'll be directed to the online course page.  Login using the details sent to you in your enrolment email. You'll be able to start studying immediately.




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