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This folder contains images that are used in some of the other media resources - particularly articles.
Image JPEG imageInsulin Action [image]
Sent with first diabetes article
Image JPEG imageOP Logo blue [image]
Image Microsoft Word DocumentFitness Sector Overview [image]
Image JPEG imageBusinesses in the Fitness Sector [image]
This is an overview of the businesses that make up the New Zealand fitness sector.
Image JPEG imageDISC overview diagram
Image JPEG imageGluteals poll results image
Image JPEG imageDISC small diagram
Image JPEG imageType 2 Diabetes Overlap
Image JPEG imageBlood sugar control diabetes [image]
Image JPEG imageSide view of male pelvic floor
Image JPEG imageSide view of female pelvic floor
Image JPEG imagePelvic prolapse
Image JPEG imageSprain
Image JPEG imageStrain
Image JPEG imageDISC form
disc form for home and sport/gym profile
Image JPEG imageDISC scorecard
This is the DISC scorecard which you can use to total after completing the DISC form
Image JPEG imageFront squat
Image JPEG imageBack squat
Image JPEG imageLow back squat
Image JPEG imageSwiss ball squat
Image JPEG imageSmith machine squat
Image JPEG imageDeadlift
Image JPEG imageknee anatomy
Image JPEG imageknee ligaments
Image JPEG imageEnergy systems and fitness components [image]
Fat loss poll results [image]
Image JPEG imageAbdominals - Packing tape
Image JPEG imageSitting at desk
Image JPEG imageCore Structure
Image JPEG imageOuter Core
Image JPEG imageRibbon spinal curves
ImagePosture - 4 typical types
Image JPEG imageBoxing image
Image JPEG imageTrail Guide to the body cover
Image JPEG imageAnatomy Colouring Book Cover
Image JPEG imageEssentials of Strength and Conditioning Cover
Tortora A and P Cover
Image JPEG imageFinancial value of PT poll graphic
graphic of the results of the poll asking 'what is the financial value of a great PT'
Sophie Mills
Image JPEG imageGerome Garthwaite
Janine Reese
Image JPEG imageGrant Borrill
Image JPEG imageFitness Course
Fitness Courses
Image JPEG imagePersonal Training Course
Personal Trainer with client
ImagePersonal Trainer
Personal Training Qualifications
ImageQualifications Framework
ImageAlbany Campus
Albany Campus
Image Pascal source codeAlbany Map
Albany Map
ImageChristchurch Campus
Image Pascal source codeChristchurch Map
Image Pascal source codeHamilton Map
Hamilton Map
Image object codeHamilton Photo
Hamilton Photo
ImageManukau Campus
Manukau Campus
Image Pascal source codeManukau Map
Manukau Map
ImageNewmarket Campus
Newmarket Campus
Image Pascal source codeNewmarket Map
Newmarket Map
Image PS documentJason Phillips
ImageEast Tamaki Campus
Image Pascal source codeEast Tamaki Map
Image PNG imageBrockold.png
Image PNG imageSuzy old.png
Image PNG imagehayden.png
ImageHayden Contact Us
ImageSuzy Contact Us
ImageBrock Contact Us
ImageGrant Contact Us
ImageWTG Campus
Image Pascal source codeWTG Map
Image Octet StreamEmma
Image PNG imageRyan Profile.png
Image PNG imageNew Manukau Map.png
Image PNG imagePaul Profile.png
Image PNG imageJeremy Pic.png
Image PNG imageManukau Pic.png
Image PNG imageManukau Map.png
Image PNG imageJoel Profile.png
Image PNG imageTyler.png
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