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Become a Personal Trainer

So you want to become a Personal Trainer? Well you have come to the right place. This site has all the details on Personal Training Courses and career opportunities.

What Makes a Great Personal Trainer?

The team at NZIHF have been around the Fitness Industry in New Zealand for a long time (most have over 10 years experience and some are coming up to 20 years!), and have experience at all levels of the industry; from Personal Training through to managing Personal Trainers and even owning and running our own Gyms. Over the years we have had the chance to work with a lot of Personal trainers, some of them great, and some of them not so successful.

Here's a List of Some of the Key Qualities of Top PT's:Personal Training Qualifications

  • Great inter Personal Skills - They don't call them Personal Trainers for nothing!
  • Well Organised - In New Zealand most Personal Trainers run their own business. If you are not organised you will not succeed.
  • Excellent Practical Skills -If you cant get great results for your clients they wont stay with you. As a great Personal Trainer you will need to keep learning.
  • Sales Skills - If you want to succeed in this game you will need to be confident to approach potential clients and sell your product. Otherwise get used to eating 2-minute noodles and tomato sauce!

How Much Does a Personal Trainer Earn?

The answer to this is it can be lots... or not very much! Let me explain.

As a contracted Personal Trainer (this is the most common scenario) you will pay a fixed weekly rent to the Gym you work from. In most cases this is between $180 and $250 per week. On top of this you will have a few other fixed expenses but generally not too much. So lets say $300 per week all up for your expenses.

Now lets talk income! In New Zealand the average charge out rate for a entry level to intermediate Personal Trainer is about $70 per hour (some charge more some charge less, and with small Groups you can get it even higher). So to cover your expenses you will need to do about 5 contact hours per week.

A reasonable trainer will do somewhere between 15-25 contact hours per week once they had established their business, the top trainers will do between and 35 hours! Of course there are lots of other variables in the mix but the bottom line is that  reasonable trainer can make a pretty good income from doing something they love!


How do you Get Started as a PT?

The first step is to get qualified. For more information on Personal Training Qualifications click here.

Once you get qualified the fun starts! There are a huge variety of opportunities. At NZIHF we work with a network of over 80 of the top clubs in New Zealand, from Les Mills, City Fitness or Jetts to your local neighbourhood club.We have a wide range of relationships with all the leading clubs.

As a graduate of one of our Personal Training Courses we will provide support with applying for jobs and provide access to jobs before they get advertised (all you need to do is find us on Facebook and like our page).

We have also teamed up with the team at PT Direct to make sure that our graduates get the very best support while they are starting up their PT Business. PT Direct holds one of the worlds biggest collections of tools tips and techniques to help Personal Trainers succeed. Check out their blog on the Myths of Personal Training.

Where Can I Study:

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