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COVID-19 Student FAQs

When will we do more of the practical work?

Once the Government lockdown is lifted any practical work that would have occured within the programme to date will be picked up during your scheduled lab and open practical forum times.  Additionally, as is always the case, one on one coaching can be used where a student has specific practical skill deficiencies.  Students also practise themselves and on others in their own time. 


How does the alternative delivery model work?

Currently, under the alternative delivery model, applied theory tasks (such as programme design, client case analysis, business planning etc) can all be done effectively.  Practical tasks such as cueing and spotting exercises and delivering sessions and small group experiences will come later although the theory underpinning those practical skills can be learnt now. NZIHF has a considerable suite of material already in place that allows this to happen. To date we have;

  • Loaded practical activities (applied theory tasks) to eLearn at points where students will be able to apply the theory they have learnt to small tasks that happen in the real world of PT. These tasks are loaded into the 'Personal Training Development Zones' (PTDZ) you'll find in eLearn.  PTDZ tasks are due 24 hours before labs would usually occur. The tasks are submitted to your tutor online via eLearn and they will be reviewed by your tutor within a very short time frame.
  • Created web-tutorial times (these are hosted by your tutor during the first hour that your labs were scheduled and can be accessed via the free zoom application) to review theory and the PTDZ practical activities to ensure students can receive, much as they did in labs, the opportunity to discuss and refine their understandings across a group.
  • Loaded supplementary video lectures to eLearn which is additional material that supports topics within the learning pathway.
  • Provided tutors work from home capability to allow them to support students online by email, zoom, and cell phone whilst the students progress through the online learning.
  • Provided additional training and support to tutors around online learning materials, use of eLearn and other technology used to support students
  • NZIHF are well prepared and issued a student update on the 23rd of March covering how the new delivery model works


Do the academic progress requirements still apply - or can I just go at my own pace at home and forget about any deadlines?

The academic progress requirements still apply.  You must complete your online study and submit your practical activities (from the Personal Training Development Zones in eLearn) on the deadlines set by your tutor.  If you miss deadlines, your study progress becomes 'at-risk' and NZIHF will follow the standard process as laid out in the student handbook section 'Academic Progress'.


Can I withdraw and get a refund because of COVID?

You can withdraw but you can not get a fees refund after the no fee withdrawal period has passed. NZQA has encouraged providers to offer alternative delivery models so students are not disadvantaged and can complete their programmes of study. An alternative delivery model is available to you so if you decide to withdraw then the withdrawal clauses in section 3 of your student enrolment agreement apply. The student handbook covers more information on refunds and withdrawal.


Can I defer my studies?

No, an alternative delivery model has been created so you can carry on with your studies.


You have changed the way the course is delivered so I want to stop studying - can I?

The programme leading to the qualification you enrolled for is still being delivered, so you can stop studying, however that would mean you are making a decision to withdraw and if you have passed the no fee withdrawal period the programme fees would still need to be paid.


I don’t have reliable internet so I can’t complete the online content - what happens now?

Internet access was an entry criterion for your course and you declared you had both internet access and a device when you enrolled. You will have been studying your materials online throughout your course as a significant portion of learning is delivered this way. A change in access now is a challenge you will need to meet as NZIHF can't provide a solution remotely.


I’m losing my job so I can’t afford payments - can I stop paying?

As changes in a student’s personal circumstances are outside of NZIHF’s control, they are unable to be accommodated after the No Fee Withdrawal Date has passed, so in this situation the programme fees would still need to be paid.


I don’t think this new delivery model suits me - can I withdraw?

You can withdraw but you can not get a fees refund after the no fee withdrawal period has passed. The model has changed due to the current health requirements and to meet government directives. The Education sector was encouraged to develop alternative delivery models to ensure students could carry on with their studies. All students are in the same situation and are making the effort to adapt to the changes. Any practical elements (involving face to face contact and hands on learning experiences) will be provided, along with additional training and support, once the Government lockdown has been lifted.  NZIHF will work with students to ensure adequate practical training is delivered within the programme to meet the practical assessment requirements.


What do I do if I become ill?

If you become ill you should complete the following forms over the course of your illness;

Sick Form Description
I'm sick notification form Notify NZIHF if you are sick and currently not studying due to COVID-19.
My results notification form Notify NZIHF of your COVID-19 test results.
I'm an At-Risk COVID-19 person Notify NZIHF you are an At-Risk person or you are in an At-Risk household and therefore you're self-isolating.