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COVID-19 Student Update - Pro Series

COVID-19 Alert Level 3 and 4

The Government has implemented different levels to represent the risk and range of measures that will be employed within the local and/or national area.

The current alert level is identified here

The range of alert levels is covered in this document

With the current alert Level at 3, with Level 4 being in effect on the 25th of March.



Current Government Advice to Tertiary Institutions

As non-essential businesses we should close access to campuses as soon as possible.

Alternative delivery methods should be engaged wherever possible.



Pro-Series Workshops Status

All Pro-Series Workshops are Postponed until further notice.

You can still access pro-series online learning modules, and online theory can be completed in preparation for future practical workshops.

If you have booked a workshop, we are leaving those workshops open - although they will not run.  What will happen, is once the event is over, we will 're-date' those workshops and you can choose to keep your bookings on the new dates, or withdraw from that workshop without losing your opportunity to attend at a future date.  This gives you choice and means you can secure your spot if you have done your theory in preparation.

Your access period will be extended by the duration of the Government closedown once it has ended.




To look at your workshop bookings go here

Booking rules can be found here


Further Questions

If you have further questions about pro-series please .