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NZIHF Statement of Position - Payment of Fees

COVID-19 Position Statement - Payment of Fees

NZIHF's position is as follows;

As a 'non-Government funded' education provider NZIHF cannot extend credit or waive payment requirements due to student financial hardship at any time.

NZIHF relies on fees being paid as agreed and we aim to maintain equity across the entire student body.  To be fair to all students, we require all students to meet their payment obligations – we don’t allow some to pay and some not.

NZIHF will adhere to the payment terms and schedule within each student's enrolment agreement and will require each student to do the same.

Debit Success will continue to manage all payment plans for NZIHF and where arrears occur debit success will contact students and continue to pursue payment following standard procedures which includes the application of default fees and where necessary debt management procedures.




At this challenging time we thought it would be beneficial to review and summarise the requirements and obligations NZIHF has when managing student payments, and the obligations of students to pay programme fees.




For NZQA accredited qualifications students enrol into a programme of study to achieve the qualification.  The programme of study comprises a series of courses. As an example, the Personal Training Programme which leads to the qualification NZ3563 New Zealand Certificate in Exercise (Level 4) has four courses.

The programme of study includes the courses, their assessments, and an overall enrolment period in which all studies should be completed by the student and competency against the assessments should be demonstrated.  The assessments gather evidence that the student has met the required standards to be passed.



When enrolling, a student has 9 days to withdraw from their programme of study without charge.  This policy meets the NZQA requirements for withdrawals and refunds as stipulated by section 235 of the Education Act 1989.

Where a student has purchased access to a package of short courses, including workshops, online courses and online content/tools, the payments are non-refundable after 9 days of entering into the agreement to access the package.

After 9 days, the NZIHF enrolment agreement states fees are payable in full. This means, if a student chooses to withdraw after the 9 day period all fees are due and need to be paid.

Where a student has chosen to pay their fees through a 'payment plan' the fees are still due in full, however it has been agreed by NZIHF that payments will occur via a payment schedule which is included with the enrolment agreement between the student and NZIHF.

Payment plans are administered by Debit Success on behalf of NZIHF and all collection matters are managed by them including direct debiting, arrears, overdues, debt management and collection.



NZIHF registration

The New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness (NZIHF) is the trading name of Network For Fitness Professionals Limited which is an NZQA registered Private Training Enterprise as defined under the Education Act.

NZIHF was registered by NZQA (the New Zealand Qualifications Authority) in 1995.


NZIHF's legal status and funding

NZIHF is a private business (a limited liability company) and is not funded by the Government in any way.  NZIHF does not have access to fees free schemes, studylink loans, studylink allowances, student funding for delivery of courses, youth guarantee or any other form of funding.

NZIHF has applied for funding in 2019 but was declined by the Tertiary Education Commission who see the education in the exercise sector as sufficiently funded already.

NZIHF is not a funding provider such as a finance company, it is a fitness education business specialising in Personal Training.


Forward delivery and fees collection

For students on payment plans, NZIHF provides 100% of the education value in advance of receiving 100% of the payments from students for that value. This is 'forward delivery' where NZIHF train and assess in advance of full payment.

This means payments due and payable to NZIHF are a primary source of income and are a repayment of good faith in that regard.

NZIHF views all monies owed to NZIHF as payable under any and all circumstances without delay, default or deferment. 

Where payments are not made, the equity between students is put at jeopardy as students who are consistently paying end up subsidising students who are missing payments. For this reason NZIHF always has Debit Success pursue all payments on time and in full, and uses debt collection services as required.

Where payments are not made NZIHF may withhold any services under the student enrolment agreement until all payments are collected.  Services can include access to material, certificate award, marking, access to tutoring and campuses and so on.