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Boot camp latest fitness fad [news]

Bootcamp is hot, Pilates is not, according to a new survey forecasting fitness trends for 2011. In fact so precipitous was the fall of Pilates, once a fitness staple, that Dr. Walter Thompson, lead author of an annual poll conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, is starting to call it a fad. "Fads are here today, gone tomorrow," Thompson said. "Pilates has been very strong since 2008. But for 2011 it fell off the list completely."

Meanwhile, the bootcamp workout is coming on strong, according to the survey, which for five years has alerted fitness experts and consumers alike to future trends.

Certified fitness professionals, programmes for older adults and children, and strength training also posted strong showings.

"If I owned a health club and we weren't offering any bootcamps, we would have bootcamps starting tomorrow," Thompson said of the fast-moving callisthenics-based interval workout.

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