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Casual Employment [news]

All employees have minimum rights and entitlements - including casual employees. What is casual employment? Usually this is employment “as and when” required, with no guarantee of set hours or continuation of employment. In practice, some employees who are described as “casual”, may in fact have an ongoing employment relationship with an employer.

Employment agreements

All employees are required to have written employment agreements under the Employment Relations Act, and this includes casual employees. The employment agreement should set out the hours and place of work, as well as any other agreed terms and conditions.

Casual employees (who have not been previously employed by the same employer) may be employed on a probation period; or a trial period of up to 90 days if the employer employs 19 or fewer employees on the day the employment agreement is entered into.  Probation or trial periods must be agreed to in good faith and recorded in a written employment agreement.

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