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How to feed teens, nutritiously and inexpensively [news]

“The key is to keep saturated fat to a minimum,” experts advice. “But if their cholesterol, weight and blood pressure are all within normal limits, they can afford” some flexibility in their diet. Georgia Orcutt, author of the 2007 book “How to Feed a Teenage Boy”, knows what we're up against, having raised two boys herself. Here’s her advice, based on her experience: Orcutt believes it’s “critically important” for parents to help their children and teens develop healthful eating habits, which set the stage for good health through adulthood. She talked with her sons about what she calls the “political” aspect of making food choices. “Your dollar is a vote,” she told them, explaining that she was “not going to vote for those foods” by buying junk. “They got it right away,” she says, and began making their own healthful choices with their allowances.