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How to feel full and not gain weight [news]

It IS possible to eat the warming winter comfort food we want, without stacking on the kilos. As winter approaches, we change the food we eat. Instead of salads and light dishes, we want more warming, comforting food such as soups, hearty casseroles and creamy mash. And then we add our winter kilos. Sound familiar? The good news is we can learn the tricks to have our comfort food and eat it, too.

Satiety (a feeling of satisfaction or comfortable fullness) is about feeling full, or satisfied. But there’s no rigid line we cross which says, ‘I was hungry at that point and now, after that last bite, I’m full’. It would be helpful if there was! Satiety is much broader; it is somewhere between not feeling hungry any more and that over-stuffed, uncomfortable feeling when you can’t possibly have another bite.

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