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Motor Control Progressions in Action [news]

Progressing any exercise programme smartly requires considerations above and beyond basic muscle physiology. As detailed in the article Getting Smarter with Exercise Progression, a good practitioner will also consider, among others, autonomic nervous system physiology, motor control physiology and hormonal axis physiology.
This article outlines a practical approach to the delivery of a key exercise considering motor control physiology, outlining the case of a recent client. 

Mr Smith was referred by his rheumatologist, and presenting with what had been diagnosed as a form of arthritis secondary to a bacterial infection. Mr. Smith had received 2 recent courses of cortisone medication, and although he had improved was still experiencing significant levels of hip pain. Mr. Smith’s rheumatologist felt that there may be a mechanical contributor to his hip pain, and that a structured and individualised exercise programme was Mr. Smith’s best option for ongoing management of his (dis)ease.

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