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Rehab Pilates and its Application to Stability Rehabilitation [news]

The Rehab Pilates Intensive Course teaches principles that have been adapted to be up to date with recent research bringing together the strengths of different approaches with a model that is clinically relevant and effective. We aim to create an understanding of how to choose the appropriate programme for your client and how to progress from targeting local stability, where motor control is important, through to global stability and mobility.

We need great control and strength for us to connect our two large boney structures, the pelvis and the thorax.  The spine is the pathway of weight transference between our limbs.  We recruit oppositional forces to create a structure that is stable on a deep and global level.

Practicing an exercise badly or exercising without focus can eventually produce harmful consequences. Exercising the body and training exclusively with isolation exercises is ineffective.  The body needs to be looked at as a whole and our exercise programmes need to reflect this to produce effective long term results.


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