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Smarten Up Your Feet [news]

Those of you who have worked with me over the last few years would have heard me whinging and moaning about footwear designs and looking after your feet. Looking after those things at the end of your legs can help significantly reduce calf and back pain and have you moving better.

For thousands of years our feet have been the main way we’ve interacted with our planet. As cavemen and women we strolled around looking for bugs to eat and animals to hunt or avoid. Imagine how many subtle movements our feet, and entire body’s did when we walked barefoot over uneven stony ground! These small movements have great importance in fine tuning our spines and body to function

well. But these days we have great big air soles, high heels, and the latest stupid invention is a microchip in the sole of your shoe that adjusts your shoe cushioning while walking. Your foot and body lose its ability to fine tune itself when exposed to this gimmicky footwear for too long.


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