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Supersets supercharge fitness [news]

The exercise gadgets advertised on TV are often expensive. If you buy one, the DVD usually ends up being ignored after a few months; or the equipment ends up unused and gathering dust. The reason is a common one - boredom. You were bored with your training program and wanted something different that would speed up the desired results. After getting the DVD or the machine, buyers learn the inescapable fact: It takes time to build muscle, lose fat and get stronger. Nothing will speed up that time. And soon, you become just as bored with your new exercise device as you were at the gym. Advertisement: Story continues below But if boredom is inescapable reality, you can at least use a routine that's efficient; one that gets your workout completed in a shorter amount of time. That's where supersets come in. Supersets are a new buzzword in training, but they've been around forever. Most elite athletes use them.