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The Truth About Juice Cleanses [news]

The concept of consuming 20 pounds of body-cleansing fruits and veggies in a day can seem a both uplifting and daunting. On one hand, with that kind of fuel, who wouldn’t feel like a bionic superhero, teeming with the energy to leap buildings (or at least roles — from parent to office champ to lover) in a single bound? But chewing through 20 pounds of veggies? Who’s got the time? That's where juice comes in. Cold-pressed juice companies such as BluePrint Cleanse, Pressed Juicery, Ritual Cleanse, and Red Carpet Cleanse are having a major moment, appealing to health-concious consumers and celebrities seeking good taste and convenience. They absorb the work of shopping for, cleaning and preparing organic veggies and fruits by blending concoctions crammed with good-for-you foods like spinach, kale, romaine, celery and lemon, to consume on the go.