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Fitness Career Planning

Fitness Career Planning

Getting Started

Sometimes the most important step you can take is working out where you might want to end up. 

At NZIHF we can help you map out a career plan so that you will know what initial training and experience you will need in order to step steadily through to a fitness career that really works for you. 

Career planning usually takes less than an hour and can save you thousands of dollars and a huge amount of time down the track.  So, book a career chat by giving the recruitment and training director in your nearest city a call or clicking the 'book a chat' button - it's the best place to start and the fastest way to a career that works.

Following Through

As a fitness professional your career will involve new challenges and opportunities.

Whether it's moving from being a fitness consultant to a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor to a group fitness co-ordinator, or even moving from a gym to your own PT studio, there will be new challenges along the way.

At NZIHF we want to make sure that you receive the training and support required to ensure your career goals are achieved.  So, at any time in your career feel free to drop us a line and we'll work with you to check on your progress and find the best solutions for your career needs.

When it comes to fitness connections NZIHF has relationships with over fifty of the top clubs nationwide, several nationwide equipment suppliers and a host of other fitness organisations.  We can help you find the fastest and easiest way to follow through on any of your career goals.