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Update My Enrolment Form

Requesting a change to your contact class timing

  • You can request a change to the contact class you have scheduled within your programme of study up until your cool-off period has finished (9 days after you submitted your enrolment form online)

Changes you can request

  • A day class to an evening class
  • An evening class to a day class
  • A day or evening class that is later / or earlier than the one you are currently enrolled on

To make the update to your enrolment complete the form below.

Your Date of Birth  
/ /  
Date of Contact Class Intake You Want To Change To  
/ /  

By clicking the 'submit' button on this from you are confirming you want to vary your original training agreement as detailed by the submission above.  Provided you have made this request before your cool-off period has finished, this request will be processed and if accepted will be binding . A change in contact class timing or type (day/night) does not vary your 'programme start date' as that was set on your first enrolment form submission and is detailed in your training agreement. If the class you change to is later or earlier than the class you were on, then your programme end date may change as per Schedule A in your training agreement.