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New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness - History

NZIHF History:

In 2006/07 work began on putting together a company that could provide the following:

  1. A way of taking someone who was working or wanted to work in the fitness industry and making them better at it.
  2. A way of getting that person in front of the right operator at the right time.
  3. A way of helping operators train and support that person in their role.
  4. A way of helping that person professionally develop into another role of their choice.
  5. Making the above processes affordable for all parties.


At the time the following issues raised these needs:


  1. Can’t find any good people
  2. Their training doesn’t make them ready for this job
  3. I have to train them and I don’t have time
  4. It costs a lot to find them


Employees / contractors:

  1. Can’t find a good opportunity
  2. The workplace doesn’t support me
  3. The industry is flat and I can’t earn as much here as somewhere else
  4. My training hasn't really prepared me for this job / challenge


In order to meet NZIHF's vision and therefore the above needs NZIHF needed to provide recruitment and support services to fitness employers and training solutions to employers and employees.  

In order to deliver the training solutions effectively NZIHF became partners with the Open Polytechnic  This allows us to meet the specific and yet quite diverse training and education needs of the sector in a flexible way.  The partnership allows students to enrol in vocationally focused programmes and study industry relevant materials whilst being supported by highly qualified fitness professionals who have been in the industry and know intimately the tasks involved in the real world.

The recruitment service began in late 2007 and to date NZIHF have over sixty clubs nationwide using the service many of them also attending management forums and receiving support directly in their club from NZIHF staff.

This website is a further effort to achieve the NZIHF vision of a united and productive industry.  It provides everyone involved the opportunity to interact, find solutions, provide support and direct NZIHF toward better and more effective work.  Every week we post jobs, articles, video, blogs, news and events, and participate in forums with the fitness community.  We hope the site is well used and would encourage anyone involved in fitness to become a member and share their thoughts.