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Standard Purchasing Terms

NZIHF Ltd Standard Purchasing Terms

New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness Limited (NZIHF) Standard purchasing terms
These standard terms are the basis upon which we do business. These terms do not constitute an agreement for the supply of goods or services, but any deviation from these terms require specific and written approval by NZIHF's Financial Controller and Chief Executive Officer.

  1. NZIHF pays by direct credit and/or Credit Card. The Supplier is responsible for providing NZIHF with up to date bank account details.
  2. NZIHF pays on (or immediately after) the 20th of the month following invoice. The Supplier must give NZIHF reasonable time to process and approve invoices.
  3. Please date an invoice prior to or with the date of the last day of the month for which you are claiming payment and your invoice should reach NZIHF no later than the 4th working day of the next month to ensure payment on the 20th of that month.
  4. Where the Supplier is registered for GST, the Supplier must issue a Tax Invoice that complies with all the requirements of the GST Act. It is the Supplier’s responsibility to understand its tax obligations; non-compliance will result in delay of payment or short-payment (i.e. without the GST component). NZIHF has a policy of informing Inland Revenue of non-compliance if such non-compliance results in a disadvantage to NZIHF.
  5. Supplies of goods and services must meet the specifications (including time of delivery) as detailed in the contract or purchase order. Non-compliance is likely to result in delayed or non-payment of invoices.
  6. Where the Supplier has received a purchase order, the complete purchase order number must be shown on the invoice. In the exceptional circumstance that a purchase order has not been issued, the invoice must show sufficient details to allow NZIHF to process and approve it. Non-compliance is likely to result in delayed or non-payment of invoices.
  7. NZIHF does not accept unilateral changes in terms (including prices). Prices invoiced must be the prices valid and agreed by NZIHF at the time of ordering (and will be shown on the purchase order).
  8. Payment of your invoices (or any handling of any other documents from you or a related party) does not signify acceptance of any terms that appear on these invoices or other documents. Our standard purchasing terms (or amended terms where extended and/or modified via written agreement of the Financial Controller and Chief Executive Officer where applicable) continue to apply.
  9. The Supplier guarantees that the goods or services are supplied in accordance with all relevant quality standards, and comply with all relevant legal and contractual requirements. The Supplier further guarantees that the goods or services being sold are fully possessed and controlled by the Supplier, and that no third party rights affect the title of any assets being transferred under the purchase.
  10. All purchases and agreements relating to purchases are governed by the laws of New Zealand.