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Elearn login debugging

Steps to help assist a student who is having issues logging in to e-learn
  1. Check when they last logged in to e-learn
    1. Open students contact in the database
    2. Click on the Elearn Details or Student profile link (as seen in screenshot)*
  2. If the most recent login time is more recent than when they were having issues logging in, hopefully your job is done
  3. If not, request that the student describes the problem that they’re having in as much detail as they’re able to
    1. What the problem is – depending on the issue, screenshots can be useful here
    2. What they were doing when they experienced the issue
    3. What page they’re on / attempting to visit – including the URL
    4. A description of anything that they’ve done to try and solve the problem
    5. If the student is reaching a page that says "502 Bad Gateway" you can suggest that they try clearing their cookies
  4. It’s also useful to get them to provide you with some more details to assist with debugging
    1. What kind of device they’re using – i.e. Laptop / smartphone / tablet
    2. What operating system they’re using – i.e. Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
    3. What browser they’re using – i.e. Firefox, Chrome, IE
    4. What their IP address is; - Public IPv4 is usually the one that’s relevant
  5. Send all information gathered above through to